This is what we do.

Lift the Ban for British American Tobacco

Budweiser was one of the sponsors at Tomorrowland 2019 and Blacksmith Collective had the opportunity to film the event by following fellow South Africans around as they experienced the festival for themselves. We handled all post production which included multiple bodies, long and short form content,

A project in association with Corona Cerveza.

A project that seemed dead on a hard drive was brought back to life thanks to our sky replacements, regrade, and quite a lot of comping.

I am Fire&ICE was a full production in collaboration with Blacksmith Collective. We managed the post production consisting of multiple bodies.

DR. OETKER Patisserie was a Post Production job that required us to replace the images of the plates. We sourced models, reshot multiple angles in the same style as the original, and composited the images onto plates that animated and moved in the final composition.

I’m Perfection is a campaign by EDGARS

The Consol Rebrand AV

For the Carling campaign we had to create a unique piece of content that integrated the seriousness of COVID-19 awareness with some humour,. We also had to make the videos feel like they were glimpses of real life scenarios.